Latest News

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our 2 fundraisers this summer.  We raised 749.00 from our Family Carnival Day for Nolan to purchase his specialized stroller and 1,100.00 at our Car Wash to help Parent Council with the purchase of the new play structure at Sansome School.

Kindergarten News

In Mrs. F’s afternoon Kindergarten Program, the children are busy learning number and letter recognition, days of the week, new songs, and even dabbling in some French and Sign Language.  Loose Parts is a great area for children to explore with common every day items like pebbles, corks, wooden cubes, sea shells, gems, marbles, stacking cups, pine cones, scales, mirrors etc.  The idea is to lay different materials out in an inviting and non-intentional way and see what play comes out of it.  It is amazing to watch the children use these materials in such creative ways.

Important Dates 2023/2024


4 - CLOSED (Labour Day)

5 - Inservice

6 - Triad Conferences

7 - Triad Conferences

8 - First Day of School



3 - Inservice

9 - CLOSED (Thanksgiving)

13 - CLOSED (Professional Development Day)

20 - Inservice



17 - Inservice




(December 25 - January 5)