The Team

Westwood Community Child Care Inc. has a dynamic group of people who come from varied backgrounds to offer a well rounded program to the children in our care. Many staff have worked at different centres, and we truly feel we bring the best of them all to WCCC. Despite having a small group of staff, we have high staff retention, which speaks volumes to the team’s communication, balance and demeanor – all allowing for creative and enthusiastic programming.

Staff come to work, not for a pay cheque, but rather for our children. We all have this as our purpose here – developing relationships with the children, our families, and the community. We truly are a neighborhood based centre with strong relationships with our families.


Early Childhood Educator:

Chef, baker, sock and shoe finder, coat buttoner, boot fitter, vegetable pusher, story teller, playground attendant, protector, PE teacher, activity director, zoo keeper, inspector, aerobics instructor, tutor, entertainer, therapist, manager, performer, bookkeeper, self-esteem builder, teacher, helper, well wisher, nurse, traffic controller, noise controller, life saver, thinker, problem solver, engineer, designer, counselor, safety instructor, arbitrator, creator, inventor, companion, musician, historian, technician, dietitian, athlete, beautician, fire marshal, analyst, artist, dentist, scientist, biologist, technologist, accountant, manicurist, receptionist, environmentalist, pharmacist, hygienist, speech therapist, reader, builder, informer, composer, supervisor, author, navigator, peacemaker, friend…